CSO Project No.10

Which streets are involved?

Affected streets include:

  • Green Street West
  • Winter Street West
  • Dana Street (N. Main to Prospect St.)
  • Timothy Avenue
  • Pearl Street
  • Prospect Street West
  • N. Main St. (Estabrook Cr. to Dana St.)
  • Highland Avenue
  1. Public Works Department

    Physical Address
    193 Dartmouth College Highway
    Lebanon, NH 03766

    Phone: 603-448-3112
    Fax: 603-448-2671

How long is this going to take?

In total, we expect that we will be working on your street for 4-5 weeks. Project is expected to begin in August or September of 2013.

How will I know what's happening?

We are developing a communication plan that will incorporate several ways to keep you informed as the project progresses. Specific contact information along with other available means of communication will be provided at the start of the project next spring.

Will my property be affected?

MAYBE. The City’s Sewer projects are not comprehensive in nature. They include the replacement of sewer lines, sometimes a water line if it is in conflict with the sewer and a pavement trench or street overlay. It does impact your sewer system basically to the right of way or easement line and sometimes may encroach onto one’s property.

Please understand that we will always be mindful and respectful of the historical background of your neighborhood. We know you have concerns about the possible impacts to your land and trees. Please know that we will strive to evaluate all aspects of your property in advance of construction. Any changes or potential impacts will be discussed with you.

It is also important to note that whenever/wherever possible, we work within the confines of the City’s Right-of-Way. However, there may be times when easements are needed from you to complete the project. Again these will be discussed with you in advance of construction.